Hillcrest FC: Game 2 Recap (2013)

Hillcrest FC 13 – 4 Jesus Maneuver

‘7 Matt Meyer
’10 Lucas Ward
’15 Evan Otterholt
’18 Lucas Ward
’22 Evan Otterholt
’29 Even Otterholt
’30 Riley
’33 Tim Knipp
’37 Evan Otterholt
’38Carlo Furlan
’40 Peter Duane
’42 Evan Otterholt
’46 Evan Otterholt

It was a night and day difference for Hillcrest FC last night as they knocked off Centro de Adoracion Vida by a score of 13-3. Newcomer, Evan Otterholt scored six times and six other players found the back of the net in an offensive outburst unseen since the likes of Pele and the Cosmos.

Hillcrest started off the night shakily, allowing a Centro goal in the opening minutes. Keeper Peter Duane misplayed a low shot from a Centro player and watched the ball roll into the net. Matt Meyer quickly found the back of the net with a clinical finish evening the score just a few minutes later. Lucas Ward put Hillcrest ahead on an easy tap-in off a bobbled save from the Centro keeper in the tenth minute. Centro would score once more in the first half, then the rout was on. Evan scored the first two of his goals and Lucas scored his second, leaving the score 5-2 at half.

The second half was all Hillcrest, they scored eight more goals with contributions from Tim, Carlo, Riley, Peter and four more from Evan. Centro would score one last goal in the final seconds, ending the game on a dim light of hope. It was celebrations all around for Hillcrest though, with many of the players inviting their families on to the pitch for a bit of lighthearted fun.

Carlo and Jake working in the offensive third.

Carlo and Jake working in the offensive third.

For Hillcrest, having two left feet was a good thing last night, four of their goals came off strong left footed shots. Tim, Carlo, Lucas, and Evan all scored with their left and Peter had a couple of left footed shots that barely missed. After the game Carlo remarked, “It didn’t really matter which foot the ball fell to tonight, we were scoring left and right.”

Hillcrest had two new players last night, both of whom scored goals. Riley joined a pantheon of single named, ‘R’ players (Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho) with his goal. Evan Otterholt was the real standout with his double hat trick. When asked about his performance he said, “I was just trying to impress the guys. When you play on a team like this, with the experience these guys have, I just wanted to keep up with all of them.” Mission Accomplished, Evan.

Riley takes a shot on goal

Riley takes a shot on goal

Hillcrest’s next game is at home against The Donks on Saturday, March 23 at 8:00pm. Coach Tim Knipp is hoping his team will be able to continue the progress made this week against the number two team in the league.

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