About: The Face

Dungeons and Dragons gets a bad rap in our culture. The stereotype is a bunch of nerds sitting in a basement, rolling dice, and using phrases like “roll to crit” or “my level 15 paladin uses fireball on the ogre standing 5 squares in front of him.” I will have you know that I have never played Dungeons and Dragons in a basement.

If you look past the admittedly silly exterior, you may find a rich and compelling inner story. This story is shaped and told organically and collaboratively when my friends and I play on Monday nights around a coffee table. This story has become so compelling and the characters so tangible, that I have decided to novelize our most recent sessions.

I was inspired by one of my collaborators, Holly, who also novelized a number of our sessions. You can find her work on her own blog. The other collaborators you will meet include:

Thomas Beirne: Dungeon Master (narrator) and Mastermind of the overarching campaign.

Daniel Martell: Eldaran, an impetuous Elf swashbuckler.

Dylan Rondeau: Jax, a stalwart Human war priest of Athena.

Holly Marr: Syre, a brooding Human rogue.

Jake Mailhot: Loran “Face”, an eccentric master of masks.

Justin Marr: Vera, a canny Elf Daemon master.

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