Mariners Shake Up Roster, Now in Full Rebuilding Mode

Week 8 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
5/21 Angels 12 Mariners 0 L
5/22 Angels 7 Mariners 1 L
5/24 Mariners 5 Rangers 9 L
5/25 Mariners 2 Rangers 5 L
5/26 Mariners 4 Rangers 3 W/13
  • Well, that was an eventful week. Obviously, the biggest news is the roster shake up. Gone are Jesus Montero, Dustin Ackley, Robert Andino, and Lucas Luetge. In their place, Nick Franklin, Carlos Triunfel, Jesus Sucre, and Hector Noesi have been called up from AAA-Tacoma. I’ll discuss these moves below, but the short version is, it’s about time. I definitely wasn’t rooting for their demotions, the success of the Mariners is pretty directly tied to the success of these young players. But it had gotten to a point where the level of competition and pressure in the majors was detrimental to their development. Now we get to see if Franklin has anything to offer and if Montero and Ackley are able to turn their careers around.

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Xbox One and Gaming Innovation

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled their newest gaming system, dubbed Xbox One. Beyond the spectacle of the announcement, the actual details of the system itself were shrouded in confusion. It was pitched as an all-in-one entertainment system that would revolutionize the way we interact with our televisions. That’s all well and good but video gamers are the core market of the Xbox brand, not home consumers. For the first 30 minutes of the presentation, there wasn’t even a single mention of video games. What is the Xbox One, an all-in-one entertainment solution or an innovative gaming system?

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Mariners Bullpen Implodes

Week 7 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
5/14 Yankees 4 Mariners 3 L
5/15 Yankees 2 Mariners 12 W
5/16 Yankees 2 Mariners 3 W
5/17 Indians 6 Mariners 3 L/10
5/18 Indians 5 Mariners 4 L
5/19 Indians 6 Mariners 0 L
5/20 Indians 10 Mariners 8 L/10
  • A week that started off so well, taking two of three from the Yankees, turned pretty sour this weekend. The Mariners were swept in Cleveland and lost three of their games in walk-off fashion. That’s only par for the course. The Mariners haven’t won in Cleveland since 2011 and five of their last seven games against the Indians have been walk-offs. A optimist would call that fighting against a tough opponent. A pessimist would call a loss, a loss and would have stopped being a fan 10 years ago.

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Saying Goodbye to The Office

There are few perfect moments in the world of television. It’s even more rare for a single show to have more than one of them. The final episode of The Office provided a number of those moments to add to their total. After nine seasons and just over two hundred episodes, The Office has finally ended it’s ground breaking run. It could not have ended any better. The finale that aired on Thursday night was the perfect cap to a series that wasn’t always perfect, but when it was good, it was great. These last two seasons after Michael Scott left the show have been pretty terrible but the finale showed exactly why this show was one of the best shows on TV.

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Mariners Now on the Cusp of Second Place

Week 6 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
5/7 Pirates 4 Mariners 1 L
5/8 Pirates 1 Mariners 2 W
5/10 Mariners 6 Athletics 3 W
5/11 Mariners 3 Athletics 4 L
5/12 Mariners 6 Athletics 1 W
  • During this short week, the Mariners won three of five games and launched themselves to within half a game of second place in the AL West and just two games under .500. The results were pretty predictable, Felix and Hisashi Iwakuma won their games and Joe Saunders won his, but only because he was pitching at home. Overall, another solid week.

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Mariners Kill Two Birds With Thirty Runs

Week 5 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
4/29 Mariners 6 Orioles 2 W
4/30 Mariners 2 Orioles 7 L
5/1 Mariners 8 Orioles 3 W
5/3 Blue Jays 0 Mariners 4 W
5/4 Blue Jays 1 Mariners 8 W
5/5 Blue Jays 10 Mariners 2 L
  • The Mariners took two of three from both the Orioles and the Blue Jays and have now won seven of their last ten games. It seems like the team is beginning to heat up after a month of frustration. We do have to remember who our most recent opponents have been though. The Angels and Blue Jays both came into the season with expectations sky high and have disappointed in the early goings. Our last three opponents have pitching staffs that rank in the bottom third of the league. So the Mariners have been beating up on weak teams, that’s necessary for any competitive team. I’ll start believing the Mariners have turned a corner when they start beating quality teams like the Athletics or the Yankees.

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