I Support Gay Marriage and I’m a Christian

This morning, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and upheld a ruling that overthrew California’s Proposition 8. These rulings are clear victories for the LGBT community and brings America one step closer towards equality. Yet, there are some who are denouncing the decisions as a tragic step towards Godlessness and clear approval of immoral behavior.

I believe that the conservative stance towards gay marriage is simply wrong.

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Mariners Powered by 41-Year-Old Machine

Week 12 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
6/17 Angels 11 Mariners 3 L
6/18 Angels 2 Mariners 3 W/10
6/19 Angels 1 Mariners 0 L
6/20 Angels 10 Mariners 9 L
6/21 Mariners 3 Athletics 6 L
6/22 Mariners 7 Athletics 5 W
6/23 Mariners 6 Athletics 3 W/10
  • The Mariners started this week in third place with a four game series against the rival Angels and a three game series against the division leading Athletics on the docket. We end this week still in third place after dropping the series with the Angels but winning the series against the Athletics. Just try and predict these Mariners and they’ll surprise you every time.

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What’s Up With All These Extra-Innings Games?

On June 5th, the Seattle Mariners and the Chicago White Sox played thirteen innings of scoreless baseball before both teams erupted for twelve runs in the last three innings, ending in the sixteenth. On June 8th, the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins played more than two games in one—a twenty inning battle that took over six hours to complete. Only three runs were scored and there was a ridiculously long period—from the bottom of the fourth to the top of the twentieth inning—where no runs were scored at all. The Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays played eighteen the same day. Since June 8th, there have been eleven other extra-innings games, including another eighteen inning game between the Athletics and the Yankees. Recently, one of my friends asked me whether I thought the recent rash of extra-innings games is unusual. Brandon posed the hypothesis that since less and less runs are being scored per game, are more games going to extra innings as a result?

Do you think that all of these extra-inning games are indicative of the trend of the past 2 decades where pitching skill is outpacing hitting skill…I dunno. I may be imagining this, but I think runs scored in baseball have gotten lower in the past 5 years alone and now we’re having a ton of extra-inning games lately.

I thought this was an excellent question and worthy of a bit of research. Let’s start by establishing how many extra-innings games there have been for the past two decades and see if there is any correlation with the amount of runs scored each year.

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Writing and Vulnerability

Last weekend, my brother finally graduated from college (wooo!) and I went down to Seattle to celebrate with family and friends. As the conversations meandered through the day, eventually this blog came up and, for some reason, I got really uncomfortable talking about it. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten uncomfortable talking about my writing but this time it really bothered me and I’ve been thinking about it more and more. After talking with a friend recently, I think I’ve pinned down why it’s been stuck in the back of my mind. Aaron and I talked about the relationship between writing and vulnerability and our culture’s unwillingness to own an idea or opinion.

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Mariners Win, In Dogfight for Third Place

Week 11 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
6/10 Mariners 3 Astros 2 W
6/11 Mariners 4 Astros 0 W
6/12 Mariners 1 Astros 6 L
6/14 Athletics 2 Mariners 3 W
6/15 Athletics 0 Mariners 4 W
6/16 Athletics 10 Mariners 2 L
  • The Mariners actually had a good week this week. We took two of three from both the Astros and the Athletics and Mike Zunino began showing us why he was such a valuable prospect. Getting the series win against the Astros was a relief despite losing a winnable game on Wednesday via a Tom Wilhelmsen blowup. Winning against the Athletics was a surprise, however. The Athletics had been one of the hottest teams in the majors going in to that series and we played them very competitively. All in all, I’d say it was a successful week.

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When In Doubt, Go to the Data!

Yesterday, the Seattle Mariners called up Mike Zunino from AAA-Tacoma just a year after he was drafted. Tonight, he will be making his major league debut, starting at catcher and batting sixth for the Mariners. To say this decision has been criticized might be an understatement. It’s been analyzed from almost every angle and has been universally panned by the blogging community. I won’t add my voice to the cacophony but I do want to examine this move as a case study in decision-making. As a project manager, I regularly give input into decisions that I hope are based on sound, rational data. It seems like throwing Mike Zunino into the major leagues was a decision made based in emotional and personal sentiment.

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Mariners Draft Hitters, Hope is Renewed?

Week 10 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
6/3 Mariners 4 White Sox 2 W
6/4 Mariners 7 White Sox 4 W
6/5 Mariners 5 White Sox 7 L/16
6/6 Mariners 1 Yankees 6 L
6/7 Mariners 4 Yankees 1 W
6/8 Mariners 1 Yankees 3 L
6/9 Mariners 1 Yankees 2 L
  • Big news today as the Mariners have called up Mike Zunino from AAA-Tacoma. In his first full year as a professional, Zunino has hit .238/.303/.503. He has certainly showed his strong power potential but he is not a polished hitter and has struggled against advanced AAA pitching recently. This is clearly a desperate move by the front office to try and salvage something positive from this season. But rushing unprepared prospects is not the answer to the problems this team faces. The roster is still full of veteran stopgaps and hasn’t yet been stripped down like Houston or Miami so what’s the point in bringing up Zunino? If Zunino is on his way, shouldn’t we be calling up all of our other prospects to see which of them will stick? Dave Cameron at USS Mariner makes an excellent argument for why this move signals the end of the Jack Z era in Seattle.

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Mariners Hit Home Runs, Still Lose

Week 9 Recap

Date Home Team Score Away Team Score Result
5/27 Mariners 9 Padres 0 W
5/28 Mariners 1 Padres 6 L
5/29 Padres 3 Mariners 2 L
5/30 Padres 1 Mariners 7 W
5/31 Twins 0 Mariners 3 W
6/1 Twins 5 Mariners 4 L
6/2 Twins 10 Mariners 0 L
  • Blech, that was a week to forget. The Mariners split a four game, home and home series against the Padres and then flew to Minneapolis to play the Twins and lost that series. There were two more walk-off losses this week, raising the season total to six. Those kind of losses are particularly hard to swallow because a good team should be able to win those kinds of games and the way the Mariners are losing them really exemplifies our weaknesses. This is not a good team.

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