Hillcrest FC: Game 5 Recap

Hillcrest FC 7 – 11 FC Dorkmund

’19 Evan Otterholt
’27 Cameron Harris
’29 Cameron Harris
’33 Brad Widman
’34 Cameron Harris
’37 Peter Duane
’39 Peter Duane

On Monday night, Hillcrest FC battled FC Dorkmund for the second time this season. After a lopsided first half, Hillcrest battled back and made Dorkmund work for their win. Hillcrest was missing a few key players, including their star, Tim Knipp, and their keeper Aaron Dutton. Despite these losses, Hillcrest was able to secure a number of replacement players who held their own.

The game started out all Dorkmund as they scored the first six goals of the game. Since Hillcrest was using one of their backup keepers, Dorkmund came out firing. There were shots from all over the field including a shot from midfield that sailed over the keeper’s head and into the net. Finally, in the nineteenth minute, Evan Otterholt got Hillcrest on the board with a shot from just outside the penalty area. Dorkmund would score twice more in the half to bring it to 1-8 at halftime.

I’m not sure what was in the water but, when the second half started, there was a completely new team on the field opposing Dorkmund. Just after the second half kickoff, Cameron Harris scored on a tough shot inside the penalty area. Cameron would score again, this time challenging a defender and the keeper inside the box to rocket a shot into the back of the net. Brad Widman would join in the fun, scoring a goal of his own. Cameron would complete his hat trick and Peter Duane would add another goal to bring the score to 6-8. Hillcrest had scored five, unanswered goals in just over fifteen minutes. Dorkmund would steal one back pushing the deficit to three goals but Peter Duane wasn’t finished as he came right back and scored again with a floater over the opposing keeper’s outstretched hands. With just ten minutes left in the game, the score was 7-9 and Hillcrest was on fire! Unfortunately, Dorkmund woke from their slumber and played stalwart defense for the rest of the game. Hillcrest wouldn’t score again while Dorkmund piled two more on.

A special shout out to our fans who, despite a rough first half, we cheering us on the entire way. We had the largest turnout for this game and we hope our fans are just as dedicated for our last two games.

Player of the Game
Cameron Harris had never played with Hillcrest before. By the end of the night, he had three goals and a few more close chances. It took him a while to acclimate to the game and the team but when he did, there was no stopping him. For his efforts, he earns the coveted Player of the Game award.

Offensive Defender Award
Peter Duane is a strong defender who is usually content play in the back without pushing forward. But on Monday he chipped in two goals to go along with his customary strong defense. His play shows that the maxim “the best defense is a good offense” might actually hold some truth to it. He earns the Offensive Defender Award this week.

Wreck-It Award
Brad Widman has had a rough couple of weeks on the soccer pitch. He suffered a sprained ankle a few weeks ago and his all-or-nothing style of play sends him tumbling more often than not. He’s regularly on the ground after getting tangled up with a defender or being slammed into the walls at full speed. For the battering he takes every week, he earns the Wreck-It Award.

Next Week
Hillcrest has a bye week this weekend but has a doubleheader next weekend, one game on Friday and one game on Saturday. These two games will close out the regular season.

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