A Week in Workplace Fashion

A while ago, some friends of mine, Joey and Davielle, encouraged me to write a blog post about workplace fashion. I dismissed that silly idea rather quickly. What could I write about fashion that wouldn’t be the most ridiculous farce on par with The Onion? Sure, I could talk about the clothes I wear and why, but the silliness would be too overwhelming.

Then, a few weeks later, another friend, Aaron, asked me for some fashion advice. He wanted to know what to wear to an interview at Logos. I gave him some pointers and tips—you can overdress, wear something that fits into the culture of the company, etc.—and sent him on his merry way. Well, Aaron also happens to be an excellent photographer and wanted to thank me for my advice (he got the job). We came up with a plan to take some portraits every day of the week, showcasing all of my wardrobe choices. Slowly, this ridiculous post was coming together.

On Thursday nights I volunteer at a program called Rebound Roots through Rebound of Whatcom County. I serve as a mentor and group leader for the middle school and high school kids. There’s an activity we do called School Secrets where kids give kids advice on how to be successful in school. One of the categories kids can give advice in is “Fashion, Style, and Being Cool.” The best piece of advice I saw in that category—besides the hilarious “be a baller”—was, “be comfortable, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you feel good.” That middle schooler perfectly summarized my own fashion philosophy. I’m lucky enough to work at a company that allows its employees great freedom in their workplace attire. I don’t have to sacrifice comfortability because of a uniform or a dress code.

So, Aaron and I took these photos each day of the week. I’ll try my best to explain why I chose my ensemble and give it a few ratings, Comfort (does it feel good), Matchy (does it look good), and Does it Work (overall rating). This is completely silly and just a little bit of fun. I hope you can enjoy a week in workplace fashion.


Aaron and I started shooting late on Monday night on the street right outside his house which adds a bit of creepiness to the setting. The shirt is a Oxford cut button-up (or is it button-down?) from Gap. I’m also wearing my vintage WWII-era musette bag. The jeans are standard cut, not too tight, not too baggy, just right. The shoes are from Ecco, they’re really heavy, really comfortable, and look professional enough to be an everyday shoe.

On Mondays, I like to dress up a bit to get the week started off right. If I came to work in my most comfortable outfit, I think the weekend might just carry right over.

Comfort: +5
Matchy: +3
Creepiness: -2
Vintage Bag: +10

Does it Work: 16


We shot these photos right across the street from Logos giving these shots an urban vibe. The top is a button-up from Ecko adding to the urban flavor. The pants are corduroys from Gap. They’re the first pair of corduroys I’ve ever owned and they’re super comfortable. The shoes are wool Cordones from TOMS, very warm for a cool winter’s day. I usually have a number of meetings on Tuesdays so I’m trying to look professional for my co-workers while still holding true to my fashion philosophy.

Comfort: +7
Matchy: +5
Urban-ness: +10

Does it Work: 22


These were shot in the comfort of my own home but we didn’t think about what might be in the background (yes, that’s a pink capo on the guitar and yes, that’s the Back to the Future trilogy on the TV stand). The top is a hooded, thermal pullover matched with pair of standard cut jeans. The shoes are a pair of Vintage Authentic Vans I wore for Joey and Davielle’s wedding. Hint: If you’re getting married soon, having your groomsmen wear something they can wear after the wedding is a huge bonus.

Wednesdays are long work days for me so I want something that is extra comfortable, even if it doesn’t really look professional. I’ll even wear a zip-up hoodie on Wednesdays if I think its going to be a particularly long day.

Comfort: +10
Matchy: +2
Back to the Future: +3

Does it Work: 15


If Wednesdays are my long days, Thursdays are my early days. I’ve got a number of early morning meetings regularly scheduled for Thursday so Aaron and I had to shoot these extra early. Since I’ve got so many meetings on Thursday, I try and wear something extra professional. I’ve got my black pea coat on over a blue, pinstripe button-up. On the bottom, I’ve got grey khakis with black dress shoes. Not the most comfortable but it gets the job done.

Comfort: +2
Matchy: +4
Tired Face: -2
Super Professional: +5

Does it Work: 9


After a long workweek, I like to bring it home with some style and comfort. The top is a pullover sweater from Gap and since this was shot during the middle of the NFL Playoffs, I’ve also got my Seahawks gear on underneath. The bottoms are the same corduroys from earlier in the week and the shoes are a pair of Tekkies from Puma.

Comfort: +7
Matchy: +7
#BlueFriday: +10
Megan’s Favorite: +10

Does it Work: 34

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