Hillcrest FC: Game 2 Recap

Hillcrest FC 3 – 8 Monaco

’19 Tim Knipp
’34 Evan Otterholt
’41 Grady Dillon

On Saturday night, Hillcrest FC dropped the second game of the season by a score of 3-8. Their opponent, Monaco, was strong in all aspects of the game and had a deep roster so they were fresh all night. Overall, it made for a difficult challenge for Hillcrest, struggling all night on defense and failing to capitalize on their offensive chances.

The first half started out with three straight goals from Monaco in the first 15 minutes. In the 19th minute, Hillcrest got its first real chance on a free kick, just outside the penalty area. Tim Knipp stepped up and drove home a pinpoint strike into the upper corner of the goal, putting Hillcrest on the board. Monaco would score once more before the end of the half, leaving the score 1-4.

The second half started much like the first with a string of Monaco goals, digging a deeper hole for Hillcrest. Evan Otterholt would slot a shot past the Monaco keeper in the 34th minute and Grady Dillon would power a shot home in the 41st minute but it was too little, too late against the onslaught.

Player of the Game
Not only did Evan Otterholt score a goal in the second half but he was also racing up and down the pitch working hard on defense. For his hard work and hustle, as well as the youthful energy he brought to the team, he earns this week’s player of the week award.

Horseshoe Award
Grady Dillon scored one goal but he could have had a few more if a few bounces had gone his way. He had at least three shots on goal that were either deflected or glanced off the frame. His luck–or lack thereof–earns him the horseshoe award, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Marksman Award
With the pinpoint strike off a free kick, Tim Knipp is the winner of the Marksman Award this week. After the game he said, “I guess all those afternoons kicking a ball against my fence in the backyard finally paid off.”

Next Week
Hillcrest plays again in two weeks, on February 8th against FC Dorkmund. Dorkmund were the league champions in the fall league so this should be another challenge for Hillcrest. Lets hope the two week break will give them enough time to rest and recuperate.

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