The Great American Road Trip: Day 8

Starting Point: Pentwater, MI
Destination: Philadelphia, PA
Miles: 803
Drive Time: 12.5 hours
Stops: 3, Lansing, MI, Glacier Hill, OH, Valley Forge, PA

  • We started off very early and made our way through Michigan. Ryan remarked that the drive was, “very Michigany, with all this…stuff.”
  • We made it through all of Ohio without stopping until the very last possible moment.
  • We drove on I-96 for a while and then I-69 for a while and then they merged into the same highway. “They’re the same numbers, I’m so confused.”
  • When we got to Ryan’s place in Philadelphia, the key the landlord left for him wasn’t where it was supposed to be. We called his landlord, who was out of town, and he had someone come and open up the house for us. Only it took an hour and a half for the guy to show up. We were pretty tired and hungry once we got in.

Trip Totals:

  • Total Milage: 3,175
  • Total Gas Pumped: 109.5 Gallons
  • We saw 45 of 50 license plates, missing only New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, Rhode Island.
  • Slug Bugs – Jake: 37, Ryan: 34

Quote of the Day: “Ryan, pronounce [Ypsilanti].” “I…I can’t.”

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