The Great American Road Trip: Day 6

Starting Point: Pentwater, MI
Destination: Pentwater, MI
Miles: 0
Drive Time: 0 hours
Stops: 0


  • After the storm the night before, the day was pretty cold and cloudy. We spent the morning lounging around and relaxing in the cottage.
  • The neighbors, Hugh and Pat, came over for dinner and laughs and stories were enjoyed by all. Hugh and Pat starred in Ryan’s “Life’s a Happy Song” video he made last year. You’ll also be able see all the famous sights of Pentwater in the video.
  • In the evening, the clouds burned off in the evening and Ryan and I took the Kayaks out onto the lake to watch the sunset. It was pretty amazing to watch the sun dip below the horizon from right on the water. We found a bottle in the lake and played Water Bottle Kayak Ball. “I’ve always wanted to do Kayak Joust.” “That’s a terrible idea, but on a hot day, an awesome idea.” After we paddled in, we swam for a bit in the dusk light.

Quote of the Day: “This is what we call storm-wood.” -Ryan

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