The Great American Road Trip: Day 4

Starting Point: Chicago, IL
Destination: Chicago, IL
Miles: 0
Drive Time: 0 hours
Stops: 0


  • Baseball Game 2: Washington Nationals 4 – Chicago Cubs 1 at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is such a beautiful stadium. So much history here.

  • We climbed to the top of Willis Tower, 103 stories above Chicago. We learned that the building is 283 Barack Obamas tall and there are 990 toilets in the entire building.



  • For lunch we tried to find authentic Chicago deep dish pizza and ended up going to Pizano’s pizzeria. It was so delicious!
  • We spent the afternoon lounging in Millennium Park after three days of intense travel. We napped, read, and laid about. The perfect remedy for our tired souls.

Quote of the Day: “Come on Jake, that’s first day stuff.” -Ryan

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