The Great American Road Trip: Day 3

Starting Point: Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Destination: Chicago, IL
Miles: 395
Drive Time: 7 1/2 hours
Stops: 2, Eau Claire, WI, Baraboo, WI


  • Baseball Game #1: Mets 6 vs Twins 1 at Target Field.

Front Row Seats

Just two Mariners fans at a Twins game.

Look who we ran into at the ballpark, Ryan’s Dad.

Target Field is a beautiful stadium. Very new and the greenest field in the majors.

  • 8 Cheese references in Wisconsin
  • 3 Lincoln references in Illinois
  • 2 license plates added bringing our total to 41 of 50
  • So much freaking construction in Illinois. “The per-capita use of ‘sh*t’ has spiked since entering Illinois.” Seriously, it took us two hours to go about 30 miles in suburban Chicago because of all of the construction. It didn’t help that we were driving at midnight, needless to say, we went a bit stir-crazy.

Quote(s) of the Day: “We need like a cruise control for the steering wheel.” -Ryan
“Is that a red light?” “Yes! Yes it is!”
“Semi’s passing semi’s.” “That’s some crazy sh*t.”

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