The Great American Road Trip, Day 2

Starting Point: Miles City, MT
Destination:Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Miles: 715
Drive Time: 12 hours
Stops: 3, Dickinson, ND, Bismarck, ND, Fargo, ND




  • NOTHING. There is nothing in North Dakota. Just a bunch of hay. Even the road was straight, no turns, no hills, just fields, forever. But we sure made a bunch of hay puns:
  • What happens when the farmer doesn’t show up to work? He goes HAYwol
  • What song do they play when the President visits North Dakota? HAYil to the Chief
  • What did the Catholic priest from North Dakota ask the sinner to do? Say three HAYil Mary’s
  • What game do they play on the xBox in North Dakota? HAYlo
  • I’ve HAYed it up to here with your HAY puns
  • We saw 26 of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota
  • We added 6 license plates to our total pushing our total to 39 of 50 states
  • We stayed with Ryan’s dad’s old boss in Minneapolis-St Paul and were treated to an amazing dinner and we slept in real beds!

Quote of the Day: “When are you going to play the good music?” -Jake

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