Hillcrest FC: Game 3 Recap (2013)

Hillcrest FC 4 – 8 The Donks

’19 Tim Knipp
’31 Peter Duane
’37 Tim Knipp
’42 Lucas Ward

Hillcrest FC fought hard on Saturday night but ended up coming up short against The Donks. It was probably their best played game this season but they had trouble overcoming a few unlucky breaks and an early deficit. Hillcrest has a number of their key players called away on international duty during World Cup Qualifying, Geoff Mumley for Kenya and Carlo Furlan for the US. Despite their missing players, Hillcrest played a very competitive game and kept The Donks on their toes.

The scoring started early for The Donks as one of their strikers slotted a goal past a kneeling Aaron Dutton in goal. They would score one more  before Hillcrest got on the board. Peter Duane and Lucas Ward assisted Tim Knipp on a beautiful back heel goal right in front of the opposing keeper. “I was just flailing my legs around. I was lucky to make contact and make it look as good as I did,” said Coach Knipp. The Donks would score once more before the half. Peter Duane would score first in the second half when he hustled after a loose ball in the box and knocked it in before the keeper could get his hands on it. Coach Knipp would score his second goal of the night just a few minutes later putting the score at 3-7. Lucas Ward finished off the scoring with a rocket that was perfectly placed in the far upper corner, zipping past the fully outstretched keeper.

Keeper Aaron Dutton withstood an offensive onslaught from the opposing team. He had a number of stellar saves, ensuring the game remained close. “I think I have at least a few ball-sized welts on my body from some of those saves,” he said. Hillcrest had a bit of consistency in goal on Saturday, Dutton played the entire game in goal. “I actually prefer being back there, there’s less running on my part.” Coach Knipp certainly appreciated the work he put in for his team. “I’m just glad we had a warm body back there with all these other guys missing.”

It was a reunion of sorts for Jake Mailhot, Peter Duane, and The Donks’ star forward, Kevin Manley. All three are close friends and Jake and Kevin played soccer, softball, and dodgeball together in college. “I had a great time playing with him again, even if we were on opposing sides,” said Jake, “Our friendship has always been marked by one-upsmanship, I guess he has the upper hand now.” Manley commented after the game, “They had a strong team out there tonight, I’m looking forward to the next time I see Jake on the pitch.”

We will see how much progress Hillcrest FC has made next week when they travel to face Jesus Maneuver again. The game will be on Monday, April 1 at 10:00 on Jesus Maneuver’s home turf, Puma Field.

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