Why Boats?

I suppose I should explain the title of my blog as well. It is a reference to my Dungeons and  Dragons character who you will meet shortly. My character is an ex-actor turned vagabond who suffers from what one might call multiple personality disorder. During one session we found ourselves sailing on a boat and we were serving as the crew. Having learned how to sail a few years ago and being generally interested in maritime endeavors, I enlivened our session with a maritime flavor and assisted the narrator in creating a realistic setting on our journey.

I decided that my character could also join in on the fun. My character had played an especially competent and flamboyant captain in his past so he decided to appear completely confident in his skill as a sailor when in reality he had never set foot on a sailing ship before. With the aid of a natural 20 die roll, he earned 10 skill points in Knowledge: Boats and found truth in the saying “fake it ’til you make it.”

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