Trendy Social Justice

There is a post I’ve noticed that has popped up on Twitter recently. It appeared after the bombing in Boston and after the tornado in Oklahoma. Every month or so, there’s a new variation. It’s a post that is disguised in altruism but has roots in our consumer-obsessed culture. It usually looks something like this:

I just donated $5 to [insert popular cause here]. Click here to show your support! #sogenerous

On its own, this tweet isn’t very harmful. In fact, it’s probably effective at both raising awareness of certain causes and monetary support for those in need. A post like this becomes dangerous when it becomes co-opted by someone to appear compassionate or, even worse, popular. Has social justice become trendy like the newest fashions or the latest Jay-Z album?

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I Support Gay Marriage and I’m a Christian

This morning, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and upheld a ruling that overthrew California’s Proposition 8. These rulings are clear victories for the LGBT community and brings America one step closer towards equality. Yet, there are some who are denouncing the decisions as a tragic step towards Godlessness and clear approval of immoral behavior.

I believe that the conservative stance towards gay marriage is simply wrong.

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