Star Wars: X-Wing: Scout Squadron

The following is a dramatization of a game of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

            The swirling, blue miasma of hyperspace was particularly entrancing today. I couldn’t even remember the time of day. With all of these scouting missions, I had hardly slept a wink in the past few weeks. “Put the Rebellion before yourself, Aden,” Commander Narra had told me, “Put the Rebellion before yourself and you’ll do alright.” Not the most encouraging advice I’d ever received but it had served me well over the past few weeks.
            We were on our fifth scouting mission in four days. I was piloting my X-Wing and was accompanied by my wingman, Matthias Tallon in his own X-Wing and Dash Logoth piloting a Y-Wing equipped with survey equipment. We were on our way to another uncharted system, searching for a location for the Rebel Base that had been displaced from the Yavin system after the destruction of the Death Star. The leaders of the Rebellion were looking for a system that was near a major shipping lane but unknown enough to escape drawing any attention.

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