Rethinking Success

For this post, I wanted to try something different. I began this post with paper and pen (I know, archaic) and later transposed it electronically. It’s more of a stream of thoughts than an carefully edited piece of writing. Here we go.

In the last month, both Megan and I have been offered new jobs, both of which we decided to accept. It’s been a very exciting time for both of us. After getting married in May, we faced some uncertainty in our future. Both of us were in unsustainable jobs and we were unsure whether we would be staying in Bellingham for any length of time. Both of these new jobs provide a stability and certainty to our lives that we haven’t enjoyed together until now.

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Second Guessing God

Two weeks ago I started a new job as a project manager in the publications department at Logos Bible Software. I am very excited to start this new season in my life but I was surprised to feel a deep melancholy since then. For the past ten years, my focus has been teaching. It had become so deeply ingrained with my identity that the first thing people would ask me when I told them I was working at Logos was, “What about teaching?” Now, after living in this identity, striving after it, I find myself facing a very real and difficult transition. Identity is a difficult thing to establish, let alone change.  When that transition happened so suddenly, it caused me to begin to second guess God. “Is this really what you want my life to be about, God?”

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